Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Special Day

When we found out about our son being diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome... It was a day full of questions, uneasiness, disappointment, confusion... All turning out to be the best day of our lives! You see, Logan helps us appreciate the small things, he brings light to everyone he meets. He makes sure he makes eye contact, then lands a huge healing smile. He makes you feel like you are a comedian because he laughs at almost anything. His low muscle tone melts in your arms making you feel like you are always hugged. His accomplishments, although delayed, are praised as if he just got a gold metal because you know how hard he had to work for it. His physical features are different but they shout love me and I'm ready to play. His Peter Pan spirit will assure us we will always have a playmate. My son has downs syndrome. We are blessed. We are proud. Now my other two kids... We feel the same way... Proud, overwhelmed, blessed, it's not just Logan... He just has completeled our family. But Logan helps us appreciate the small things. He helps us stop our busy lives to focus on what's important... People. .So if you are reading this, and maybe you've forgotten about the small things that make you happy, the people in your life that are special to you... Take time today on national downs syndrome day to appreciate the small special things in your life. I know this day Is special to me cause I now have a reminder the rest of my life what it's all about. Thank you God for Logan... I thank you for this extra blessing that I am honored to raise...I promise to love him, be patient, and to show others that You never make any mistakes.

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