Saturday, December 17, 2011

A new experience

I was so pumped to get the opportunity to share the book in Michele's 3rd grade class! What an exciting first experience it was for me. I couldn't believe the good questions they asked..."who illustrated your book", "How many did you sell", "How long did it take you" were just some of the questions;).

I sat there and couldn't believe that this was really happening- it was so cool to sit there sharing a God Ordained project helping them better understand what my son is blessed to have. I only hope and pray that they will get to experience a true "Peter pan" in their lives one day!

But one of my favorites was when I was sharing in the book how Logan loves hugs but sometimes doesn't like to let go... A girl raised her hand and asked in a very serious tone, "When you are done hugging him... How do you get him off!?". Haha... I love kids;)