Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Here!

I am so excited to release my first Children's book "I live with Peter Pan"!  Click to purchase "I live with Peter Pan"  This has been a year in process.  My son was born with Down Syndrome exactly 3 years today.  And boy, has it been an amazing 1,095 days that we have learned more each and every second.  Questions came into our mind every now and then - Why us?  What's next?  How can we do this?  It was never "we don't want this" or poor us.  It was just a challenge that we knew God had wanted for us to grow from...and we have.  Logan has brought our whole family together.  Everything about him is unbelievable and we couldn't be happier!  I do believe one of the reasons that God had placed an extra chromosome in Logan was to order the steps of this book.  My kids asked me what Down Syndrome was.  I tried to explain it to them, other than the obvious features of the characteristics that come with the diagnosis...but I was failing.  The questions came back a little harder and needing more details of what their brother had.  And then I thought of the analogy that helped them understand it.  Logan is like Peter Pan...he kinda always wanted to stay young [referring to the song "I won't grow up"], everyone loved him, and he was a lot of fun to be around.  And that was it...they got it!  Which then started the idea of the book.

It was a complete God thing that I had bumped into an illustrator at a Comedy conference.  I happen to sit with my sister at this one table in the morning.  We were introducing ourselves when it became Earl Musick's turn to introduce himself.  He stated that he is a cartoonist and was a Disney illustrator at one point and is a stand-up comedian!  I was anxious to ask him if I was able to use the word "Peter Pan" in a book.  He stated that Peter pan isn't copyrighted, just the actual character and Never Never land.  He asked why.  Telling him about the book idea, we exchanged information and the rest was history.  Earl has blessed me more than you will ever know with his gifts God gave him to illustrate and brings things to life with a  picture...and I thank God for my sister, Dorie, pushing me to go to this convention...or I would never have met Earl.

I am so thrilled that there will be siblings, schools, peers, families, that will read this book and help them understand what an amazing fulfilling life that comes with the words Down Syndrome.