Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where is the Freeze Button?

Okay, so the question I have is where did the time go?  When I was pregnant with Jada the one thing all the seasoned people advised me on is…”Treasure every minute, they will be grown before you know it”.  Right, right…well for right now let’s get through the dirty diapers, the meals I need to prepare for and the laundry that needs to be put away.  Never did I think that each minute would actually be only seconds before they grew up.  Jada is now 6 years old, and I keep telling her that she is going to get into trouble if she keeps growing…and her response, “But mom, I can’t help it!”   I wish we could just push a freeze button on certain times.  One of those times is when they reach over and give you a kiss and a hug on their own without asking for it.  Or when they begin to take their first steps, first laughs, or look relieved that you are picking them back up from the sitter.  Now trust me, I know there is plenty of time to enjoy and we are still in the beginning stages of life…but boy were they right about them growing up so fast.
I think it’s hitting me really hard right now as I’m preparing for Logan’s 2nd Birthday.  Is he really turning two?  It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital wishing I wasn’t eating dried out meatloaf with stale bread that accompied it.  It feels like yesterday that I was picking out his “take home” outfit and arguing with myself which one was the best one.  It feels like it was just other day when I first looked back in our van and realized that there are three car seats in the back that we were responsible for.
Now this Birthday is a little harder for me personally.  Logan does not feel like he is turning two.  Looking at pictures of the Second Birthdays of Jada and Asher they were eating cake, walking, talking, opening their presents on their own, and thanking the guests in their own way.  They were doing what a typical two year old does at their birthday parties.  Logan isn’t going to be doing things the same way the other two kids have done.  But would that be Logan?  Logan likes to do things different…He will be blowing kisses, saying hi the whole time, froggy crawling into the party, he will be excited to see his new toys by doing his excited scream, and doing what he does best…Smiling.  And that’s Logan.  We wouldn’t want it any other way…honestly after going through 2 two year old birthdays, it’s nice to have it changed up a little;)  I am still looking for the freeze button…so if you find it, let me know because I want three of them.