Friday, January 7, 2011

In the Hollow

In the Hollow

My kids are a lot different from each other.  Each of them have such different personalities.  It's so crazy how different each of them are that came from the same two people.

 Jada is our sweet little princess.  She is creative and constantly imagining things that she can be… from a princess that likes to eat pizza through her feet to becoming a teacher to the household.  She can bring any ordinary situation and make it interesting when you get inside her head.  Although quite shy if you don't know her, when you give her the time of day...she will blow your mind with her creative juices that flow and sweet spirit.  She is also extremely compassionate and a true prayer warrior.  Praying for people who don't have any food is in her daily prayers each night.  She lives up to her name, "God has Heard".

Asher is hilarious.  He can make Jody and I laugh at all times.  Even when he's in trouble and you could be as mad as can be...he raises his eyebrows, makes a goofy face, or says an outrageous statement that you can't stay mad at.  For example, after him hitting Jada, I said, "Why did you do that?!" he states, "Because I love her!"  His constant costume changes makes it hard to know if you are talking with Captain America, Snake Eyes, or just crazy Asher.  He brings a lot of life into our home each day.  He lives up to the meaning of his name..."Happy, Blessed". 

Logan is amazing.  He is what I would see as a true sweetheart that wouldn't hurt a fly.  Although, I wouldn't get to close to his Kung Fu Grip he has with his paws...he would never purposefully hurt you.  He is an explorer and Houdini.  One minute he is right there in front of you, and blink...he is mysteriously closing a door and giggling.  He has the best laugh and smile.  When having a rough day- just look at Logan and you are good to go.  You can't be sad around just can't.  His name means "in the Hollow".

 Wait...what?  How did you come up with that name if Jada's name means "God has heard" and Asher's means "Happy, Blessed".  Let me tell you something cool about Logan's name.  We did not know that Logan had Down Syndrome.  We didn't take the test that would have determined didn't matter the outcome of the results, it would not have changed our feelings toward the baby inside. Meanings to names mean a lot to us.  We prayed a lot to determine which name would fit each child.  We loved the name Logan but couldn’t get over or understand the meaning of the name.  Although Logan’s name would be the same as the super hero Wolverine’s real name…it just didn’t do it for us.  In talking to one of our friends about the meaning “In the Hollow” he began to explain an old myth about how Fairies would bring babies that had special gifts and place them in the hollow for the kings to come and raise them.  Now that is cool.  That is what we are talking about…a baby with Special gifts…that would be his Name.  Little did we know that Down Syndrome would be what was so special about Logan.  And trust me, I view it as extremely special and not a burden or a hindrance…but as a challenge.  I know that not many people would look at it like that, but I do.  God placed him in our lives to teach us a lot.  To slow down and enjoy each moment.  To view life a little different.  He makes the smallest things exciting.  He already has put smiles on so many.  He has already put tears of joy in so many people…he is a gift.  

Each one of them are extremely different,  crazy awesome and are a gift to us in their own way. 
Although they are very different from each other…they are VERY similar when it comes to music!  We all LOVE to dance.  We have a dance party almost every day, whether in the car or in our living room…music moves us!  And although Logan can’t yet communicate very well, he seems to do a pretty good job trying to sing the Justin Bieber song “Baby”  Thought you’d enjoy this video of him singing and going crazy with his bad self!