Monday, January 28, 2013

A new beginning

A new beginning

As many of you know, in December 2011, I published “I Live with Peter Pan”.  It was a book meant to help explain what Down syndrome was to young kids and to help open conversation about the diagnosis.

You see, I look at Peter Pan as this amazing character who was a leader, who loved and enjoyed life to its fullest…not someone that wouldn’t grow up…he just didn’t want to grow up because he loved his world and the way he looked at life.  A child with Down syndrome has these adventurous, childlike characteristics like Peter Pan, not to say that he wouldn’t grow up or want to…just that he enjoys life to the fullest.  This love of life he has will help families slow down a little and find joy even in the smallest things.  When I explained that analogy to my kids…they got it.  They understood what Down syndrome was in their own language.

I was so excited to get the book into everyone’s hands that I neglected to ask for feedback from the very families that the book would be helping.  Some of the words I chose in writing the book caused a few issues regarding stereotypes, which was not my intention. So, I met with several moms that have kids with Down syndrome - the “Sisterhood” - to help me correct the wording.

I couldn’t be more excited about this book!  With the help of the “Sisterhood”, Jason Batt and Earl Musick, I believe that the changes in this new edition meets the intended goal to make this book a wonderful tool for families who are blessed with a child who has Down syndrome.  With their input, I believe “My Brother Fights Pirates (well…kind of)” encompasses my original intent and desire to help educate what Down syndrome is from a child’s perspective. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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